Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

– We never sell or share your data for marketing purposes.

– We only share (the bare minimum) data where required to provide the service to you, more information under ‘How we will use your data’.

– As a Data Controller and Data Processor, we collect and use only data we need to provide the service that we offer.

– We delete data after a reasonable amount of time periodically and also a reasonable amount of time once a customer ends their service with us, we have no need for the data we collect on your behalf once you have left.

What information do we collect?
When you register to become a customer with us, we only collect the information required to provide the service and it will be directly related to your business.

– Business Address, Business Name and Business Activity (What services or products you provide)
– Names, emails and direct business mobile numbers of you and staff (so we can pass on messages)

Third Party Data – Your Customers Data
This is the data we collect on your behalf to relay to you as part of our service.

The data we collect, but not limited to, is:

– Name, Number, Email, Appropriate Message.

Call Recording
Telephone conversations may be recorded but only for specific purposes, these will meet one or more of the following conditions so that they are deemed to be lawful under GDPR:

1. The parties involved in the call have given consent to be recorded
2. Recording is necessary in order to fulfil a contract
3. Recording is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation
4. Recording is necessary to protect the vital interests of a data subject or another person
5. Recording is in the public interest, or necessary for the exercise of official authority
6. Recording is in the legitimate interests of the recorder, unless those interests are overridden by the interests of the participants in the call

Call recordings are recorded on your behalf as a customer of Call a Real Person, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have performed your own duties under applicable regulations to those people contacting us via a diverted call from you or your business.

Call recordings are stored on a secure server and kept for a limited amount of time.

How we will use your data?
Call a Real Persons reason for collecting data is to fulfil a contractual obligation in order to provide a safe, secure and satisfactory service to our customers.

We use your data to provide the service and perform invoicing for that service.

We use your customers data, to send to you.

We will use data collected from our website to send out newsletters and marketing offers, only if it has been explicitly consented.

We reserve the right to disclose data to relevant third parties who provide services to us, to provide the required level of service we offer. (SMS/Email/Invoicing) You can request a list of who we use to do your own audit. We will only ever use compliant services and they only deal with the bare minimum data they require to provide their service for us.

If payment to us is via Direct Debit, details are Input by yourselves (Voluntarily) to GoCardless, our Direct Debit provider who are fully compliant, we do not store your payment details anywhere ourselves, by using GoCardless you will have your own GoCardless account to manage yourself and we recommend reading their privacy policy, which can be seen here:

Payment via BACS is available to those who do not wish to use the Direct Debit provider.

If you have signed up to and given explicit consent that you want to receive marketing from us, we will use your preferred method of contact to do so. We do not sell your data to other companies for marketing purposes.

You may opt out at any point by emailing

Website and Cookie Data
We will use the data collected from the website to personalise the website for your repeated visits, this is usage data.

We use third party plugins such as Google Analytics to analyse where our visitors are coming from and also Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing plugins to help increase our brand visibility.

Your IP address maybe collected and a cookie used in order to personalise these functions to yourself for ease of use.

we will also collect data that you voluntarily input into our website, for things such as signing up to our service or newsletter.

Accessing your data and deletion
You may at any time request to see what data we hold for you. This is both data about you and what has been collected on behalf of you.

You may of course request that data be deleted, if you believe any data we hold for you is out of date and/or incorrect, you can also request this by contacting us either by:

Telephone: 01637 817595
Write to us at: 24 Wilson Close, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 3FE
Please note, we take great care in looking after your data and data we hold on your behalf. We use encryption technology, place everything behind passwords and perform due diligence on any service we use to facilitate the service we provide.

If you have any queries about any aspect of the privacy policy please contact us via any of the methods above.