About Us

Born out of sheer frustration, an I.T Firm decided enough was enough.

At some point or other, we have all been victim to terrible customer service. Whether that be problems trying to get a service from somewhere, awful after care, all stemming from the lack of communication and availability of speaking to real people.

Here at Asonda’s Call a Real Person, we truly believe we are helping both businesses and consumers more effectively communicate improving overall satisfaction for the customer and profits for the businesses.


Your business, is our business. We take pride in representing you. We enjoy providing a crucial step of your customers journey and by doing it enthusiastically, professionally and politely provide a service that is beneficial in many ways.


We want our clients to be successful, we want your customers to enjoy great customer service. We’ll be happy when we are providing our service to many more clients across the country so more and more people get the chance to experience such great customer service.


We represent you and your brand. Your business identity is so important and we take incredible pride in being trusted with this. So we take every call as if it were our own and provide the best service possible.