Virtual Receptionist

You may have found us because you are looking for a Virtual Receptionist for your business. Perhaps you have arrived here whilst researching ways to improve customer service and sales in your business.

What’s the problem?

Not answering the telephone when customers call can have a detrimental effect on a business image. Thus reducing sales, repeat sales and in some cases attract negative reviews and comments across the internet.

Having a virtual receptionist will help alleviate these problems and propel your business to the next level.

Take a more in depth look at the benefits of using a virtual receptionist, right here.

What’s the solution?

Briefly, your calls will always be answered and the business will appear to be more established. Using our virtual receptionist service also means no longer having to worry about Holiday Cover, Illness and other staffing issues and costs that come along with employees. These are just a few benefits of having a virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist can do more than just answer calls. As our business relationship evolves, we can do much more than message taking if you’d like us to.

Man on telephone talking to a virtual receptionist

We can fill in order forms and send out emails (if you provide us with an email address at your business domain). Call your clients back. Transfer calls to staff members and we could even manage your social media and help update your website.

As we are a family I.T and Telecommunications business, we can integrate quite a fair bit of services to help your business succeed. See our I.T. site here, Asonda I.T.

How much can a virtual receptionist help?

From the moment you start using the Virtual Receptionist Service, we will answer calls in your business name and begin message taking.

How far you’d like to go with our service is entirely up to you.

If you’d like to provide us with information, such as prices, general information and most asked questions for example. We could deal with your customers queries there and then, providing a seamless solution.

We use your website and any other data you provide to get to know the products and/or services that you offer. Along with your companies location and we take in a general view of your business. The more we know about the customer facing aspect of your business, the better the Virtual receptionist service will work for you.

We Care. A lot.

This isn’t just a job for us. We get so frustrated when companies handle their customer services so poorly. The immediate consequence is the customer gets annoyed and looks elsewhere. The long term consequences if sustained poor experience, ultimately leads to affected profits and hindered success at growing your business.

If you do well, we do well. We make our money by answering your calls. So it’s in our best interest to help you thrive so there are more calls to answer. It’s a win win for all. Your customers have a great experience and in turn the quality and quantity of custom should improve.

Another perk to this virtual receptionist service, every call we answer, is filtered. Meaning you won’t be receiving any sales calls, no spam calls and no harassment from repeated callers. We become the gate keeper and we will guard the gate however fiercely you require.

Not to mention, you won’t ever be charged for sales calls, dropped calls, family calls and staff calls. We’re fair like that.

Virtual Receptionist Service, get started.

To get started is easy. Click the link at the bottom of this page or the menu at the top. Provide us with the essential information we need to get things going for you. Remember we offer a weeks free trial of the service so you can experience how amazing it is and without any cost what so ever.

Once done, you will be provided with a unique divert number. This is yours and only yours and that is the number you will divert your calls to.

Let’s get going.

You can divert your landline and mobile phone if you want. Then when a call comes in, we will answer it and do what we need for your customers.

Once the call is over, a message via text/sms and/or email will be sent to you or your team for you to pick up and deal with. We will include all the vital information you will need to deal with your customer effectively, name, number, their query and what we have already told them.

End of the day report from your Virtual Receptionist.

At the end of every day you will be emailed a summary of all messages taken so that you have them collated in one place. If you have multiple staff members or departments and we send individual messages to those, they will also receive an individual end of day report. You will have all the information you need.

At the end of every month, your total message count is used to calculate your bill. We charge you as little as we can and put you into the cheapest band for that month, you don’t pick an allowance and miss out, you get real value for money, you can check out our prices here.

You can pick and choose when you divert to us. It’s a truly flexible virtual receptionist service.