Virtual PA

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All of our call handlers are Virtual PAs. We’re unique in our industry as we offer Virtual PA services on a task by task basis, and charge for that task either on completion or a monthly payment, rather than have you pick a costly package where you won’t use all the features, at our core we want to offer the best service but have you only pay for what you need.

We would rather work with you and budget fairly on the amount of work, rather than set large arbitrary pricing offering little value. This way you know exactly what you’re paying for in a much fairer way.

There are many ways in which a Virtual PA can help you. From answering your telephone calls, writing out and posting Christmas cards, form filling, letter sending, email sending, transcriptions and most things in between.

Virtual PA Answering Service

This is the core of our business. This is the service that provides a serious help to your customer experience, your own personal free time either to concentrate on growing your business or providing the service you offer without interruption, or let you have time away from calls for personal/family time.

Virtual Admin Services

From data entry, audio transcription, diary management, personal assignments, we’ve got you covered. Take a look here at what we can offer and if there is something not listed, please get in touch as there is a variety of things that can be completed remotely by our friendly PA’s.

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