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New this year, we are now offering our completely bespoke cloud based call handling software to those either established in the industry or those looking to start their very own telephone answering service or virtual assistant business.

With our software there is no requirement for any costly hardware and the call answering/message taking and transferring of calls is all done very simply in a browser window.

We also want to implement a group sharing option that would allow for example an individual call answerer, to offload their calls to someone else using our system if they themselves would like to take a break or go on holiday whilst not letting their own clients down. This is a barrier that has prevented many people taking the jump into this industry and we believe we have the solution.

Whilst we work on the solution to this, our main software is available to subscribe to at incredibly competitive pricing.

Please get in touch so we can have chat about how our software could be a great fit for your business.