Telephone Answering Service for Car Dealerships

We have worked for many years with car traders and dealers across the UK. This gives us, and therefore you a great advantage as we know the needs and specific requirements most car dealers require. This enables us to provide an amazing answering service for car dealerships. We speak and understand the lingo, from vehicle remarketing, detailing and PDR to timing belts, chains, clutches and cabin filters.


One minute the sales team are sat at their desks making follow up calls or filling in documents, the next the forecourt is flooded with potential customers who need help. Many smaller car dealerships don’t have a receptionist and rely on the sales teams to field the incoming calls, so what happens when nobody is there to take those calls?

When people are spending this amount of money on a purchase, they want the full customer experience, they also want to know their potential custom is welcomed and by answering every phone call you can be sure every lead is caught.

Apart from simple message taking, if your stock inventory is kept up to date on your website, we can use that information to give out details of the vehicles, if the car is still available, amount of owners, service history etc and then of course invite them to pop along for a test drive, all whilst making sure we capture their details for a sales person to move them along the process towards a purchase.

Another scenario is where a dealership is a little bigger and has a dedicated receptionist, but one person can only do so much. If they’re taking calls for the entire place, sales, workshop, parts, warranty, they’re likely to be very busy (don’t forget they’ll need breaks and lunch too), so by using an outsourced telephone answering service for car dealers, we can make sure no calls are missed.

In fact we have a brilliant case study for one of our existing car dealer customers here.

Car Sales Telephone Answering


A busy workshop keeps a level of revenue coming in whilst sales can fluctuate regularly throughout the year. It’s important that when the guys and gals are on crib, calls are answered from people who need to book their car in for a service, diagnostics and warranty work.

Apart from warranty work (unless you’re a franchised dealer) most are looking for a place to get their car looked at and those that choose a place to service their car and experience a good service when they do, tend to become loyal customers for many years to come.

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Workshop Car Dealership

Car Traders

One man/woman can only do so much! Traders have to deal with it all, buying stock, fetching stock, sales, organising pre sales workshop inspections, aftersales and warranty enquiries.

That, is a lot to deal with. An answering service for car dealers, is the perfect opportunity to outsource these calls because most of the time, a trader is super busy and needs to concentrate on the task in hand. Not only does it allow you to free up time, it also makes your business appear bigger as potential customers will think you have your own receptionist/admin person. Creating a mental picture of a bigger company that alludes to a bit more security and trust for their purchase.

Car trader handing over keys

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