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Small business are the backbone to the UKs economy and they are the champions at what they do. A small business call answering service specifically suited to small business can help in many ways!

When we talk about small business, we mean total members involved in the business from 1 individual up to about 30 but by no means is it a defined category, certain sectors require larger numbers of staff to perform their duties and other sectors may rely on only a handful of individuals inside a business.

We all know the goal and underlying fact of a business to exist is to supply a product or service and in return make profit. Without revenue and ultimately profit, there is either no business or a stagnant one.

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Growing small businesses often hit catch 22 situations. Stalling in growth because they need another employee to be able to take on more clients to make more money for example but not actually being able to take someone on because they can’t afford it right now. There are plenty of benefits of a call answering service.

A limited number of staff members also mean a really switched on owner or manager will realise they have to be smart about their customer service and the experience the client gets when buying their product or service.

By outsourcing something as simple as telephone calls and even some virtual admin, this will free up time and resources to keep on building that business, and of course we would love to help.

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Passion for our small business call answering service

The greatest thing about telephone answering for smaller businesses is that we get to be involved in the passion of our clients. It’s infectious. The big corporations around the globe may have some very passionate people at their helm, but the thousands of employees, maybe not so much.

It’s fantastic to see and be along and part of the journey of a growing business, the highs and the lows and to see the dedication of these owners putting their heart and soul to making it work, is amazing.

Working with smaller businesses and freelancers is our core client base and working along side them day to day, is a real pleasure.

Our service is akin to something in the industry called Warm Transfers, this is where a call is passed to another person but the staff member relays all the correct information to the next person to solve a problem or deal with the query, to learn a little more Beginner’s Guide to Warm Call Transfer is a very good article. From that article you can see, although we pass messages to our clients (we can call transfer) we do it in such a detailed way that you can deal with the caller without them having to repeat yourself or ask for a whole new raft of information.

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Over the past 17 years we have had the honour of working with incredible people, our clients understand the need to outsource calls and other admin tasks so that they can get on with the bigger picture. Some reported a renewed sense of enjoyment of their business when more routine, mundane tasks didn’t need to be done by themselves anymore, others report back how pleased they are when customers mention they always speak to nice staff (that’s us 🙂 ).

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