Case Study: Call answering for Window Fitting and Repair company

A lovely family run business is doing exceptionally well. They cater for putting in new windows and doors, repairing existing items and also cover things like conservatorys and roofs for sun rooms.

It’s a thriving business, so much in fact that they can’t take all the calls themselves. As one of them does all the accounts and admin work and the other is out doing what they do all day, it makes sense that they need help in order to not miss any phone calls. Being a family business, the person doing the admin didn’t want to continue taking calls and the person doing the onsite jobs, couldn’t possibly take calls in a reasonable manner.

After thinking about hiring a full time receptionist, unless they had the potential new person take on admin work too, it didn’t make sense to pay someone to sit there to take phone calls nor did it make too much sense to hire someone part time. A quick look here at how much we can save you compared to hiring gives you an idea the type of quandry they were in.

Whilst searching for a solution they came across us a ‘local to them’ call answering service and decided to give us a try. We offered them a free 1 month trial to see how they would get on using us.

To say it is has been a success is an understatement. It has totally changed the way their business works and at a fraction of the cost and associated admin that comes with hiring someone.

By freeing up their time to get on with their work, being able to ring callers back at a time when they can give them their full attention and for us to weed out the spam callers, we have become that useful that they have now chosen to just leave their phones on permanent divert so we handle every call that comes to their business!

We LOVE working with people, anybody that successfully uses a good answering service and benefits from it on a day to day basis, always wonder how they managed before.

It gives us nothing but pleasure to help businesses across the UK reach their potential, being by their side when they need it the most to grow what they’re building.

Prices start from just £20 and a free trial will cost you absolutely nothing.

Why not give us a go and see how much we can help!