With no hidden fees and a clear tariff below, you know exactly how much you'll pay for such a convenient service.

Every customer starts the month on Real Assistant 10 at £20. You are not forced to pick a package like our competitors.

The more calls you get over the month, at the end we place you in the band that gives you the best discount rate, to ensure your invoice is most cost effective. 

 A sliding scale offers you the best value for money.

Plan Name

Monthly Cost

No. of Monthly Inclusive Messages

Cost of Each Extra Message

(You Start Here)
Real Assistant 10




(After 24 Calls)
Real Assistant 25




(After 49 Calls)
Real Assistant 50




(After 99 Calls)
Real Assistant 100




(After 199 Calls)
Real Assistant 200




(After 299 Calls)
Real Assistant 300





Example: 1st month, 9 Messages = £20
                  2nd month, 25 messages = £46
                3rd month, 9 messages = £20

As you can see, you don't pick a tariff like you would a mobile phone.

Remember - we never pass on sales, dropped, phantom or automated calls. Even people who tell us they will try your mobile after calling us.
Some companies don't outline this and leave you with unnecessary charges, we like to befair.

These are examples of where your monthly bill 'might' fit depending on the amount of messages we take.

Real Assistant 10 - 10 inclusive messages per month – suitable for the businesses where the phone is answered most of the time or a start up that doesn't yet experience lots of calls but there is an occasional requirement.

Real Assistant 25 - those small businesses and busy self employed where the phone is answered most of the time, but there are quite often occasions when you are unable answer. (Most of our current customers typically end the month in this bracket).

Real Assistant 50 - the very busy self employed or small business where you are regularly out working or in meetings, building your business.

Real Assistant 100 - the medium business where the phone is too busy for existing staff to handle at peak times or is often left unmanned due to site work, meetings, etc. More economical than employing someone full time to cover your phones.

Real Assistant 200 - the medium/larger businesses where the phone is left unmanned very regularly, typically for the business where the principles (usually more than one) are out most of the time.

Real Assistant 300 - very busy medium businesses that are happier having all their calls filtered and answered for them without having the expense of a secretary.


 - Personalised Voicemail Box, for those that leave their calls diverted overnight and over the weekends. Let your customers get an answerphone greeting with your own business and message. Just £5 a month.

- 0800/0845 Numbers -  £10 a month for a dedicated number you can keep with your business forever.


Our Services

-  You will be allocated your own PA who will get to know you and your business

-  We will answer your calls when you (or your team) can’t – between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

-  Your calls answered professionally with your business name

-  Messages taken for you and then passed on to you via Text and/or Email.

-  Call your PA at any time

-  We will send you a summary of all messages taken at the end of each day via email

-  A call diversion - facility can be set up for any land line, mobile or fax machine

-  Your callers need never know that we are not based in your office

No obligation – just try out our service!

You will need to be able to divert your calls to the number we will provide you with using your telephone provider’s Call Diversion service. Mobile telephones with a divert option can also be used.

We cannot offer the trial week if you are outside the UK.

Fill out the Trial Form or call us on 01637 817595

The week free trial includes all features. No obligation, no payment details. Give us a try.

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