So how do you Divert your calls to us?

Here's a handy little guide to help.


To divert your calls, follow these instructions on the telephone line you want to divert from:

  • To divert all calls dial: *21*(phone number you want to divert to)#
  • To divert any calls you don't manage to answer within 15 seconds dial: *61*(phone number you want to divert to)#
  • To divert calls when your phone is engaged dial: *67*(phone number you want to divert to)# 
    (You can use the 15 seconds and engaged instructions at the same time)

An announcement will tell you that you've set it up successfully.

To cancel simply dial #21#, #61# or #67# whichever corresponds to what you set up.

For more detailed instructions and to make sure you have call diversion on your line head on over to BTs website here for everything you need to know.


To Divert

  • Press [*] [7] [0] to divert calls immediately.
  • Press [*] [7] [7] to divert calls on no answer. (if the call is not answered within six rings.)
  • Press [*] [7] [6] to divert calls if your phone is engaged.

2.Then, dial the number that you want to divert the call to (including the area code).

3.Press [#].

To Cancel

  • Press [#] [7] [0] to cancel immediate Call Divert.
  • Press [#] [7] [7] to cancel no answer Call Divert.
  • Press [#] [7] [6] to cancel engaged Call Divert.

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