Many people think using a Call Answering service isn't for them.

One of our clients is a Physiotherapy centre.

They have a receptionist, they have an internal booking system.

They are a small team running a very professional and successful business. Their receptionist wasn't in all the time, often having a few mornings off a week, for some time they struggled on, they didn't want to employ anybody else and tried the best they could with what they had. 

All of their initial doubts about using the service were generic ones that we see and hear every day, how can it be cost effective if we already employ a receptionist?, how can you come across as part of our business if you don't have access to our diary?, You don't have necessary experience to be dealing with peoples intimate problems and what to do in an emergency situation?

The truth is, with a bit of understanding on our part, we satisfied all these concerns and they have been good customers of ours for many years.

Their receptionist can be off and they don't need to worry about missing calls.
We have access to their on-line diary where we can cancel bookings and if it's offline, we're trained to know how to handle customers to get them a call back.
We sign an NDA, (Non Disclosure Agreement) so that we never reveal anybodies personal stories, conversations and details.
Plus working with them for a short time and by using their advice, we are able to calm callers and speak fluently about the services they offer.

In your business now, there are things happening all the time, customers that are awaiting goods, suppliers that need to be paid, staff of sick or on holiday, you've just had a new phone system, a new I.T network has just stopped working... any of those things mentioned immediately place doubt in our potential customers.

The truth is, we don't need to know everything. We need to know enough, we need to know how you deal with customer complaints, how you deal with new orders or those chasing up deliveries and we can facilitate all of this.

As an example, we've been working with a plastic supplier for many years also, do we know what a high flow co-polymer is? No we don't, but we do know that when a truck goes to pick up some plastic from a warehouse, it needs a delivery note number and we need to be quick to react with our client, to make sure a truck with £50,000 worth of product, isn't turned away at a delivery depot.

We do everything we can, we learn as much as we can and we really do work with our clients day in and day out to provide the best service we could ever offer.

Clients include: Accountants, Digital Brand Agencies, Landscaping Contractors, Builders Merchants, Conservatory Supplier, Car Dealers, Hair Dressers, Animal Clinics, Foster Carers, Fire Alarm Contractors, Book Publishers, Health and Safety Companies, Quality Control Auditors, Solicitors, Shop Fitters, Office Furniture Suppliers, Retail Designers, Holiday Letting Agencies, Recruitment Specialists, I.T Fabricators, Motor Home Hire, Advanced booking Taxi Service, Playground Equipment Retailers, Medical Suppliers, Corporate Event Planners, Personal and Commercial Education Centres, Business Consultants, Bedding Companies, Specialist CMS providers, Engineering Companies, Business Development Consultants, TV Aerial and Sky Dish Installers...and many more.


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