Not so long ago, price was the deciding factor in nearly every single purchase, 'make sure you're cheaper than your competitors and the customers will come.'

The world is changing now and buying habits are changing with it. With the rise of e-commerce, sure you can order an item and have it delivered within 1 hour from Amazon but what happens when things go wrong? The wrong item is delivered or the product is faulty?

If you mess this part up, you're not likely to see them as a customer, ever again.

So we've put together some handy tips to keep you ahead of the rest.

1.) Listen to your complaints

Not every single complaint from a customer means they are correct, however you need to be prepared to listen and look out for any reoccurring issues. When a picture starts to become clear that you are receiving the same complaints, it's time to look into how you can sort the problem and resolve it for good, for the future.

2.) Your customers are people, speak to them like it

Have you ever been treated like a number? Like another invoice? Another notch on the sales board? Not nice is it? Speak to your customers like you would a friend or family member, they know you're human, you don't need to pretend as if you're talking in court or to royalty. This applies to not only your telephone conversations but your emails too, reword your emails and automated responses for a more 'human' feel.

3.) Help customers help themselves

Some people don't want to call until they've made a decision to buy, so help them make the decision before they have to pick up the phone. Provide clear, positive and concise information on your website. Also create a dedicated FAQ/Help section and include all of the commonly asked questions.

4.) Reach out for customer feedback

Invite your customers to let you know how they feel, currently 4% of your customers would much rather go straight on-line to write a bad review, without even letting you know there is a problem. Instead of it allowing to reach this point, ask your customers for their own personal and honest opinion about your products and service. If they feel like they're being listened to and that they won't be ignored, you'll have a happy customer that won't just jump on-line to complain but will be back again to buy with confidence. 91% of customers never leave any feedback what so ever, there's only 4% worth of information you're currently (on average) getting back.

5.) Provide a clear route of communication

Let someone get in touch with you in anyway they want. Open up contact forms, direct email, telephone numbers, on-line web chat, don't give them an opportunity to not contact you. It's true that half of your potential customers, will want to use the phone as the first point of contact, so make sure you're available, friendly and polite.

6.) Make customer service your top priority

By 2020, customer service will be the main deciding factor of a purchase, not price. Address all of your customers with same enthusiasm, positivity and helpfulness from their first point of contact. Always ask if they need more help or if you have satisfied their demands. 91% of customers won't let you know if they've had a good OR bad experience, so build in feedback acquisition to every part of your process to make them feel valued.


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