I’m going to try my hardest to dispel the myth that call answering can’t benefit some types of business.

There seems to be 2 common thought camps on Call Answering Services.

The first are people that come along and actively search to use such a service, these are people who can see the benefit from using us and the impact it can make for their business. We like to compete on quality, ethics and price.

Ruling out the 3rd option that some people don’t even know this service exists (everybody knows large international companies outsource their call centres) but some don’t know that this exists on a much smaller scale and on a scale that’s much more personal.

The 2nd camp, are what this post is about, they are hard to tempt and think that nobody could be good enough to represent them, how could they? They aren’t in the same office; they aren’t in the same industry and know nothing of me or my business.

So let’s begin...

We work with all kinds of industries. A little list here shows the range and variety of customers we currently serve;

Solicitors, motor dealers, landscapers, gardeners, private vehicle hire, children’s play equipment, display manufacturers, panelling manufacturers, conservatory retailers, accountants, web designers, business consultants, polymer traders, recruitment offices, adventure centres, distance education providers, office architects, precision engineering workshops, health and safety certifiers, ISO Auditors, book publisher, bespoke curtain makers, machinery training providers, international bed retailers, I.T Consultants, conference speaking, team building organisers, radio and satellite communication experts, medical suppliers, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centres, glassworks, electronics manufacturers, hairdressers, thermal printers, fire prevention and protection installers….the list really does go on.

It’s often said that “at prices starting from just £20, it doesn’t speak of a quality and informed service to be using; especially something that’s fronting our business to our customers. How will they ever have the knowledge to deal with calls and act as if they are part of our business?”

I’m not going to repeat everything you have ever read on telephone answering, you must have read a thousand times that we answer your calls in your business name, that we never let on we’re an outside firm and that we always speak in a friendly, polite and professional manner, we make your business look bigger blah blah blah….

For us that is true also, however we must look past these basic things that any call answering service should be able to do well and let you know how we really deal with our customers.

So how can we help and how can we earn your trust?

We are very dedicated; we know just how much trust a customer needs to place with us in order to handle their customers. We know it’s not just a game of deceit but actually a team building exercise.

When a potential customer comes to us after we’ve swapped initial details, we like to see exactly what you do, what you sell and how you deal with your customers.

Some of our clients have a very formal and strict approach to the way a customer is greeted and spoken to, others it’s in the nature of the business to be very informal and friendly.

Once we have the tone of your business we then move onto thinking about what value we can bring to the table. We like going the extra mile because we want to be useful for you.

Aside from simple message taking, other things like filling out an enquiry form, order form and giving out set prices are all things that we handle every single day and are included in the cost. Remember we’re here to help not to hinder.

Appointment making used to be a clunky process, now cloud based calendar systems like Google Calendar works out brilliant for our clients, utilising a schedule we can book things in for them such as meetings or hair appointments for example.

As with any new employee, it takes time for them to become accustomed to your products, your services, prices and also your telephone tactics like getting an email address as well as a number.

Well we’re just the same and we make it our business, to get to know your business as quickly as we can.

Let’s have a little look at a case study

A motor dealer we have now worked with for many months always keeps their website up to date and full of information. In the sales game it can often be difficult to get a name off somebody let alone a telephone number or email address, so telling them there isn’t a salesman available and they need a call back, doesn’t go down very well most of the time.

By having instant access to the vehicle information and knowing how this motor dealer operates, we have the scope and the ability to confidently talk about the vehicles that are for sale, we know the standard practices such as MOT rules and warranty that’s provided on sale and all the bits an employee would definitely have to know.

These calls are then ended with the collection of customer details that would never be presented to us in the first instance and a call back can be arranged for them to organise a test drive.

Aftersales care is also important, liaising with other local garages and now knowing the people who work in them on a first name basis…we’ve fit right in to their ‘circle’ with the customers being none the wiser and much better off than being presented with an engaged tone, no answer or answering machine.


For the amount of help and value we give, perhaps we are under-pricing our service.

The truth is customers that work ‘with us’ more so than just ‘use us’ find that we really do give a fantastic service.

So to keep things straight, we’re more than just a message taking service, we want to get to know your business and we want to work with you.  We believe very strongly in adding value for you and building a relationship based on trust.

We become part of your team and then over the longer term, you can see us as a part of your business.

I hope that I’ve come some way in alleviating the issues or blocks that stop you from trying out our call answering service and I’d really like to invite you to try the service, free of charge with no obligation for a week.

The week free trial includes all features. No obligation, no payment details. Give us a try.

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